We extend much gratitude to those who volunteer their time, skills, resources of all kinds, space, and help organize these Days of Awe.  We are especially grateful to those who organized and cooked up last years’ Break the fast, Sukkot, Hanukah,  two Seders, the keeper of the emails and the master responder, as well as those who helped us create and color print our new Haggadah, revised our High Holiday services, and built a new website.  All these generous contributions of time and energy help us to build our Community and sing our song. 

The Aronowitz Family

Raul and Debbie Berge

Betty Bieler

Jay Golden

The Gorlitsky Family

Andrea Graham

The Jacobs Family

Carol Lieberman

Steven Lieberman

Aino Paasonen

Stephanie Solomon

Tiffany Towers

The Wachtel Family

anjani lynn white

We are grateful for our gifted musician friends,  Vanessa, Victory, and Claire who lead us in song.

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