Founded Shir Hadash in 1981 as a contemplative community of friends open to the dialogue of life.  A teacher of contemplative Judaism, ordained at Hebrew Union College.  He also received dharma transmission in the Zen Buddhist tradition.  Currently he leads study groups and retreats focused upon dialogue with root texts of the Jewish wisdom heritage.  Rabbi Don is a leading contributor in the Jewish and Buddhist dialogue.

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“The Days of Awe are visions of living the life of the world, in the love of the world, ahavat olam.

World love is the quickening of the whole person.  To love the world is not an ideal or a goal, nor is it a corrective reaction that one may choose.  One can not invent or possess love’s wisdom.  One loves or one does not. 

Love flowers in innocence beyond the borders of travail.  Love is this solitary and receptive human being ready to listen and respond to all the world.  This person, this love, is utterly vulnerable like that wild flower blowing in the wind. Because she is vulnerable, she is strong, for she is truth, and her strength is the strength of the Universe.”

    -  Rabbi Don Singer

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Sunday school children with Rabbi Don