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May the Great Name who’s desire gave birth to the universe resound through the creation, Now.  May this Great Presence rule your life and your day, and all the lives of the world.  And say yes, amen. 

Throughout all space, bless, this Great Name, through out all time, all space, we praise, we beautify and offer up your Name, name that is Holy, blessed One, still you remain beyond the reach of our praise, our song, beyond the reach of all consolations.  Beyond!  Beyond!  And say, yes, Amen.

Let the Great Presence give birth to great Peace and life for all people and us.  And say, yes, amen.

The One who has given a universe of  Peace, give Peace to us, to all that is Israel.  And say, yes, amen  

                                                                                                           Peter Levitt and Don Singer

Aino Paasonen

Martha Rosner

Leopold Rosner

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